With salary cuts, people working from home and uncertainty for the business, how do you keep people motivated and engaged?


This TenX Webinar on Demand: Leadership in Crisis: Extraordinary Leadership for Extraordinary Times, will give you the solution to your problem. 


In this 2 hour webinar recording, Christopher Doyle, CEO coach and leadership expert, will provide practical tools and tips on:


  1. Managing people in times of crisis
  2. How to motivate people in times of crisis
  3. How to incentivise people in times of crisis
  4. How to communicate effectively with your team in times of crisis
  5. How to build trust with your people in times of crisis
  6. How to become more effective as a leader in times of crisis

With over 30 years of experience as a Business Head and CEO, running teams of different sizes, from start-ups to more than 6000 team members, Christopher has coached hundreds of business leaders in the last 15 years, helping them to enhance their performance as leaders as well as the performance of their teams.


Here’s what others have to say about the webinar:


“It was a great learning in just 2 hours”

Barunpreet, New Swan Group


“Its great, its useful and it clearly tells you WHAT TO DO to navigate through the crisis/situation one is in”

Suraj Mishra, Max Bupa Health Insurance


“Excellent tools that can help sustain the organisation and people. Structured approach to the challenges, obstacles and opportunities”

Sumit Alag, Indiattitude


This is a great opportunity to get leadership advice and practical guidance from a CEO coach who has coached hundreds of business leaders over the last 15 years. 


Your takeaways from this webinar: you will learn


The ONE thing that all leaders need to know in a crisis where everything is out of your control (and how to gain control over a crisis situation and lead from the front)

The SECRET to motivate and engage people in any situation especially a crisis (and this does not involve financial incentives!)

The ONE mistake that a lot of leaders make in a crisis situation (and how to avoid making this mistake in the present crisis)

The FIVE things that leaders require to effectively manage people who are working from home (and no, these are not what you think they are)

The FORMULA to communicate effectively and inspire team members by any leader in a crisis 


And we’ve kept the fees as low as possible. Remember, Christopher is one of India’s leading Leadership Coaches and normally charges upwards of $300 per hour for coaching leaders, so this is a rare opportunity to get his guidance for next to nothing.


So you won’t be paying Rs 50,000 for the 2 hour webinar (equivalent of $300 per hour for Christopher’s training).


You won’t even be paying Rs. 10,000 for this 2 hour webinar.


All you will pay is Rs. 2000 plus taxes for this webinar. 


Don’t miss this big opportunity to get yourself and the key leaders in your business trained by one of India’s leading CEO coaches.